Twitter Fail

When we started our social media plan for the Help Network we decided to start a Twitter account for the organization. We set a small goal-to gain 30 followers by December 2010. With the Christmas month being less than 24 hours away, we are at a whopping two followers.

Needless to say, our attempt to get a Twitter account rolling was a fail.

We believe the reason for this is the lack of Twitter savvy people in the Pope County area. Although Twitter has taken most of the business and social world by storm, it has yet to be come the next big thing in Arkansas. Facebook and YouTube are still the main social media networks used in this area. I think in the next year or so, the Help Network might have more success with Twitter. First its audience must become Twitter savvy.

We have decided to start a YouTube channel instead. I’ll be updating you about that in the next post.

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Becoming evangelists

Instead of being spokespeople for the Help Network, we must become evangelists. Here are some of our ideas for becoming true evangelists for our organization:

-Get to people’s hearts about giving

-Target church going Christians and people who have not heard about the Help Network

-Show video and pictures of people involved in the Help Network

-Rep the Help Network on personal pages

-Continue to make comments and ask questions that will generate feedback relatively easy

-Find more stories to post and get more handwritten letters from families that have been helped

-Send a video news release to churches so that their congregations can get connected

-Why give?! It’s a tangible way to serve Christ and to see how their giving changes people’s lives

-Get interviews from the Help Network sponsors

-Create a short, 30 second video that summarizes the Help Network and post it on Facebook and YouTube

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Social Media Plan

The social media plan we have created for the Help Network of Russellville includes three major objectives, which are:

1. Raise awareness of the Help Network in Russellville through social media outlets.

2. Reach 200 friends on Facebook by December 2010.

3. Establish a Twitter account and gain 30 followers by December 2010.

Although Twitter has been around for a couple of years, many people in Russellville are still unfamiliar with it and how it works. This is why we chose such a low number of followers as our goal. I think as the popularity of Twitter grows in Russellville then this number can be increased.  We have already established the Twitter account, and you can follow us @HelpNetworkRSVL.

Since Friday September 17, we have increased our Facebook friends from 70 to 122. This has been done through posting about the Help Network on our individual Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. I think we will be well beyond our goal by December.

We also plan to add more relevant photos to the Facebook page and also post success stories from clients and donors on the page. This will help get more interaction between the Help Network and its Facebook fans. 

The target audiences for our plan include churches in the Russellville area, business owners, and mid-low income families and recently unemployed citizens who could be potential clients.

If you have any ideas on how to improve this plan, LET US KNOW!!!

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What we are doing

In our social media class our semester project is to help a local United Way organization improve its use of various social media outlets. Our group has been assigned the Help Network of Russellville. The Help Network provides help to people and families in financial crises. They do this by providing gas vouchers, filling prescriptions, covering bills, and other related activities.

By getting the Help Network involved with social media outlets we hope that the Russellville area will become more involved with the organization and help support its mission. If you have any suggestions, let us know.

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Hello world!

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